Summer Skin

Before we know it, Summer will be here and your skin will be center stage! After all of those months of layering up against the cold weather, the sun will be out and it’ll be time to bring out your sleeveless tops and dresses. As Spring comes into full bloom, there’s no better time to prep your skin for the mid-year months ahead.

I’ve gathered together an ideal regimen to get smoother skin—from your face to your arms, legs, and feet. So prepare for your skin to be summer-ready!


When you want to achieve that “I woke up like this” sparkle, the secret is dry brushing. Before you head into the shower, delicately rub your body in upward movements using a dry brush. You’ll be sloughing off dead skin cells, enhancing the presence of your skin, encouraging circulation, and bringing out the radiance beneath your skin.


At this point, it’s a no brainer that exfoliation is the key to achieving that covetable glow. Put the right ingredients into a body scrub, and rub yourself down in a lukewarm shower (hot, hot sessions dry out skin), and foam up with lotion as as soon as you get out—while your skin is still wet from the shower.


Not all creams are made equal. Pick one that addresses your issues and supplements your way of life. Is your skin super dry and topical cream lotions simply don't cut it? Try out a serum or oil that gets deep into the skin skin for heightened moisture.


Hydration is critical to hydrated, glowing skin from head to toe. We so frequently neglect to drink the amount of water our body actually needs. To ensure that your skin always looks saturated, supple, and hydrated, you have to do more than simply use topical creams. Drink more water, and you’ll start to see a significant difference in your all-around health.


You ought to wear items with SPF 30 or higher frequently for protection from hurtful UV

beams, even on winter days when the sun is no place in sight. Also, sunscreen shields you from the quick impacts of an excessive amount of sun—like smolders, peels, and dry skin.


For your face, specifically, an exfoliant twice per week can help swamp off dead cells and

recharge your skin. Try an at-home peel or glycolic cushions for a more intense yet safe

approach to skin restoration.