LipSense: My New Favorite Lipstick

I’ve always been infatuated with makeup — especially lipstick! I was that girl in high school that you would find reapplying during breaks and right after P.E. While I was persistent in making sure that my lipstick was always on point, I secretly dreamt of a future where I wouldn’t have to incessantly touch up.

Cosmetics surely have come a long way since then — especially with all of the lipsticks, ‘long -lasting lip stains’ and lip glosses we have to choose from. Still, up until recently I felt like I had tried them all and they either didn’t stay put or made my lips dry. That was until I discovered my newest best kept secret: The Lipsense Lip Color Kit.

Ever since I tried Lipsense I’ve been obsessed which is why I am so thrilled to announce that LipSense is now officially available for purchase at House of Loren | Beauty!

I jumped on board to become a distributor of Lipsense with no hesitation because I truly believe in this product and the unique value it has to true makeup lovers like myself. I love the product so much that I approached them —  as a blogger and tastemaker, I constantly have products thrown at me to promote. Although I never agree to promote any products that I don’t believe in myself, the fact that I reached out to them to be a part of the LipSense family shows how much I truly believe in this brand. Initially I was interested in getting their products at discount price (a lady needs color options right?). What I never imagined was that the bloggers I was seeing promote Lipsense were not being sponsored by them but were actually fans of the makeup line and running their own full time lip business from home!

Bottomline…. I am HOOKED and I know that all of my readers will be too!

Here’s a comparison of Lipsense pricing for the starter kit (which includes three products) with other leading lip color products.



If any of you are interested in buying LipSense at a discount AND making money by sharing this with friends and family I highly encourage you to join my amazing team of Femetrepreneurs! It’s only $55 to join and you will receive some pretty amazing benefits and discounts! Think about it…$50 for two lip colors, or $55 to buy them at a discount and make money sharing them.

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