Editor’s Corner: How to Wear Floral Patterns

how to wear floral patterns

How to wear floral patterns dimming down the rest of your outfit

Florals are one of my favorite ways to brighten up my seasonal Summer wardrobe. Like myself, many people struggle with incorporating floral pieces into looks because they aren’t sure what items compliment the blend of colors. After years of trial and error, I’ve finally discovered

Identify the base color

This is the single most important thing you can do when you’re styling — or even thinking about buying — a floral piece. What is the dominant color that you see throughout the piece? This is the base of your look. If its a subtle, subdued color, you can make it pop with accessories of the same or similar hue. If its a highly prominent color, find your favorite color in the pattern and add accessories to make it pop!

Identify the dominant hue

Is the floral pattern made up of pastels, rich colors, or deeper hues? Once you know this, you can decide on your makeup palette and shoe choice. Lighter, pastel hues tend to look amazing with nude accents. Same goes for brighter, more vibrant colors. With deeper hues, its important to find a lighter, complimentary hue that will breathe a Summertime vibrance into your look!

I hope that these tips help you add more floral to your closet! If you love any of the looks shown above, shop the edit below x Natalia Loren